when are you gonna do another tinychat?

When I’m damn well ready


New icon yo

Fucking sick bruh

A white gay. a white gay. Two labels. One judgement. Hate. No love. Gay? "Equal love" they say. Now, all is known as "disgraceful imitation". Do humans imitate the sick and lame? Or as a species do we choose to act as those who are powerful and inspiring. The confident. A white gay. We choose who to imitate. Mimicry is not theft. It is a tool for survival. Not equal truths are race and sexuality, but the human condition reaching out on all sides. A white gay. More labels on a discount price.


HAhahaaaa omg what?? Somebody decipher this shit for me please :’h

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you the highly anticipated slam poem entitled, “white gay” its fuckin riveting lmao

What the fuck

Kiwis on the Dias B)

Lms if you missed the wonderful white gay slam poem somebody sent to me and would like to have a read!!!! It’s fuckin riveting


helyon i cant keep up with u. where is the love

Good Kisser (Disclosure Remix)
Good Kisser
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So good omfg

clater hunty I am sad you missed my atheist joke

Science proves that you're a ten.

I’m an atheist



Halo: Nightfall images reveal lead character

Microsoft has released the first photos of Spartan Agent Locke, the main character in upcoming live-action Halo series.

View the gallery here.

not even a Halo fan but 100% here for whatever this is